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Automatic Plagiarism Checking and Document Comparison

Plagiarism Guard is seamlessly integrated into the SurfWax interface.
Plagiarism Guard is designed primarily for use by teachers, but it can also be easily adapted for content analysis and document comparsion by enterprises.

Plagiarism Guard automatically checks students' work against sources on the Web and optionally against documents submitted by other students at the school/district. Plagiarism Guard then creates a simple comparison summary of matches from which the teacher can view details. SurfWax Scholar offers online tutorials for students on how to properly cite/reference documents, how to create a Bibliography (MLA), and a self-paced quiz.

A documents is checked by Plagiarism Guard when it is saved by the student to a teacher-created Submissions Folder that is part of the teacher's digital locker (InfoCubby). A teacher can create numerous Submissions folders, for example, for homework, for drafts, for final papers, etc. To learn how to create this kind of folder, please see the reference on Submissions Folders. Only teachers can open/view documents placed in a Submissions folder. Submission folder titles appear in red to help differentiate these folders.

--Plagiarism checking (Plagiarism Guard):
Our unique technology provides an extremely efficient, time-saving method for checking documents. It is all part of the InfoCubby process, so once users learn how to save documents to InfoCubby folders, they are immediately ready to use SurfWax's plagiarism checking capability. In the education market, this allows students to easily submit their papers to a teacher-designated submission folder. Teachers report that SurfWax PG is the most powerful plagiarism tool they have ever used.